Close A Sale You Would Have Lost

The two-call sales script that closed 82%

New “No Pressure” Sales Call System

Should you go for a “two-call close”? Will it help close a sale you would have lost?

I ask because even though a “one-call close” can deliver massive sales in the hands of an experienced closer and with a proven, blockbuster offer…

Its high-pressure format often scares away cold prospects – resulting in fewer booked calls and lower closing rates. 

That’s why serial entrepreneur, Brad Hart, told one of his clients recently to avoid the one-call close for their high-ticket program.

And instead, schedule a “no-pressure” call before every sales call.

The result?

Brad’s client not only boosted their closing rate to 82% but they also gathered critical market data, won their prospects’ trust, AND increased call bookings and show ups.

All without the need for an experienced closer.

And now you can try this technique for yourself when you get all the details behind Brad’s two-call sales formula inside the latest episode of Steal Our Winners.

You will get, free when you signup, the full video including these 5 essentials.

  1. The 7-part “no-pressure” sales formula that closed 82% with just two calls.
  2. The exact moment to reveal your offer without turning off the prospect.
  3. The 7 questions you MUST ask on the “no pressure” call to pre-sell your offer.
  4. What to say at the beginning of your first call to instantly build trust with prospects.
  5. Why most closers deliver advice the WRONG way during calls. And how to fix it.
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You’ll also get an Action Guide so that you can get results fast!

Bottom line. If you want to boost high-ticket sales in a fresh, compelling, and non-salesy way, then you need to check out Brad’s 38-minute interview. It’s short. Deliberately.

Who has time to waste on long-winded self-promotion when you can get the answers in minutes?

Don’t forget it’s free when you sign up.

Did I mention this is free when you sign up? I should also say that some people love this episode so much they want more! This is an affiliate link, so I will get compensated if you ever spend money.

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