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The Crazy Trick That’s Allowing people To Get Leads Dirt Cheap

Revealed in this interview with Mike Filsaime…


Popular online ad platforms like Facebook have become increasingly competitive, expensive, and difficult to scale. What’s more, ads and accounts often get denied or locked for no reason.


Get free ad traffic from YouTube using Mike Filsaime’s strategy in which you hijack your competitors’ content to get more video views and build “brand awareness” for free. Then, scale winning campaigns with retargeting and save up to 90% on ad costs.

Check out Mike’s strategy – for free – plus download the Action Guide and Mike's slides.

Did I mention this is free when you sign up? I should also say that some people love this episode so much they want more! As this is an affiliate link, I will get compensated if you ever spend money.

In this YouTube Ads Tutorial you’ll see the Crazy Trick That’s Allowing people to Get Leads Dirt Cheap.

In fact, Mike Filsaime, who’s done more million-dollar launches for more brands than any marketer in history says that it’s: “The only advertising platform you’ll ever need.”

And no wonder.

Because when he used YouTube ads to hijack his competitor’s videos, Mike received tons of video views and supercharged his brand awareness.

All for the unbeatable price of ZERO.

But that’s not all.

Because Mike then scaled his winning campaigns with clever retargeting and reduced his ad costs by as much as 90%.

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Efficiently growing GrooveDigital™ to over 450,000 users in its first year.

So how did he do it?

Mike revealed all the details inside the latest 75-minute episode of Steal Our Winners, including:

  • The 8-step YouTube hack that allows you to hijack competitor videos, boost brand awareness, and get prospects to watch your ads for free.
  • 3 must-have “spy” tools to identify video content that your ideal audience loves watching.
  • The 4 types of leads each ad campaign should have.
  • How many ad intros, videos, and hero sections you should create to find winning controls.
  • 4 segments you should target when first setting up your YouTube ad campaigns.

Moral of the story?

If you’re tired of online ad platforms that are increasingly competitive, unpredictable, and difficult to scale – and want to get leads on YouTube for dirt cheap instead…

Make sure you check out Mike’s strategy.

Hijack competitor traffic to get free video views with YouTube ads

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