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The Shocking Data Behind Purchase Behavior

Let's say 50 people consider buying from you. 49 of them care about reviews…

Data from BrightLocal Local Consumer Survey. Could you be accidentally repelling 49 out of every 50 people?

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You read this, knowing reviews are vital for sales and profits. Yet few think of the impact on morale – their own and their staff's. And fewer notice the impact on recruitment. The downward spiral that these can lead to.

Now imagine the feeling of reading 5* after 5* review and the light people see you in.

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For the avoidance of doubt: The Review Multiplier System gets you real reviews from people who really love what you do.

As You're Reading This You Know How Important Reviews Are To You

Sadly, have you noticed it's often the exceptional business owners that don't get the business and profits they deserve? Perhaps because they put their hearts and minds into serving their customers.

While the scuzzy guy down the street seems to attract business like bees to a honey pot.

How can this be? Would you like to turn the tables? At last you can.

Reviews are like the buzzing crowd outside an Apple shop the morning a new iPhone is released generating excitement, telling people how awesome you are, and pulling in ever more people to buy from you.

Without your own “buzzing crowd” of reviews you might notice you suffer from:

  • Dried up leads
  • Ads that don't pay
  • Marketing that disappoints
  • A website that doesn't deliver
  • Word of mouth that doesn't bring in enough custom

Or are you more like the empty restaurant that no one eats in… because no one eats there? That's what too few reviews can lead to.

Your Awesomeness Deserves More and Better Reviews

Search engines, ad networks, marketers, gurus, people promising leads don't warn you so this could be why you're struggling for business…

And I feel for you because we have all been there! Experience shows business owners like you become exceptional at what they do, or at marketing, rarely both.

Because deserving awesome reviews and having the time to actually get them is near-on impossible.

The good news? We can take the load off you if you want because at last there is a new sure and certain system to get more and better reviews whatever your reviews look like today:

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Watch out! If wrong-headed customers leave you bad reviews or there aren't enough or if yours are just not visible… Out of every 50 prospects 49 will likely check you out online and then… go straight to the competition. However much you paid to attract them! (And you're not always safe even if you rely on word of mouth.)

You Are Being Misled!

Picture this. You're looking in a restaurant window and there's not much going on. A passer-by smiles and says: “The one next door's better.” And you look over and there's a happy buzz about the place.

Which do you choose?

Every bit of advice about ads, organic traffic, and word of mouth is misleading. Every bit.

Because they “forget” to tell you this. 49 out of 50 people care about online reviews.

Some say reviews beat word-of-mouth hands down because:

  • Word-of-mouth works one-to-one while reviews speak to hundreds or thousands of people
    (I left a review for a local business seen by 21,000 people!)
  • Good reviews attract good employees in case you need to hire
  • Reviews are a visible asset in case you ever want to sell

Fortunately, there is a new way to get reviews and get them seen by massive numbers without hiring a whole new team because…

Hiring a team is hard these days and expensive always and…

If your reviews suck or if they are just not visible, that leaves you with a share of the 1 out of 50 people who don’t care…

Your Reputation, Everywhere

A final thought. Praise from other people makes compelling content…

How would you like to take your best new reviews and automatically show them to people on your website, your social sites, and even on Youtube?

How will it feel when people see proof of how awesome you are? Read first-hand testimonies of your abilities?

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