Give Google What It Wants And It Will Send You Real Website Traffic

Problem: Cheap Website Traffic

Gaming Google’s algorithm gets short term gains until Google’s army of PhDs find the loophole and shuts you down and (as many have found) if this is your source of traffic then it leads to painful layoffs and even closure. The traditional method for long-term traffic is to write great content, but this is time-consuming, expensive and you don’t always rank for what you intend.

Solution: Best Website Traffic Generator

Don’t cheat, just give Google what it wants to get your pages generating 57% more traffic and do it by leveraging the work you’ve already put into pages that already rank – even on page 10 – with the simple “FAQ Traffic Magnet“.

Done For You Service

Click on the orange button above and I'll send you everything you need to do this yourself.

But… If you don't have the time to learn another new marketing tool (even if it works like gangbusters) I can take the load off and do it for you. How does that sound?

Instant Results

This is not a quick fix but a long-term tactic that safely builds your website traffic. The case study showed a 57% increase in traffic building over 6 months so this is for business owners with a medium-term view to growing their business. Does that sound like you?

But it's not enough to get visitors. You need to convert them. This is where the fast action bonuses come in…

Case Study Shows 57% Visitor Increase

This is what I'll do for you…

  • Analyze your whole website for opportunities
  • Find the best page and keywords to go after
  • Craft you 3 FAQ questions and answers
  • Optional: build the Schema Google loves
  • Package it up for you or add it to your website if you prefer

Fast Action Bonuses

As a marketing experiment, I'm throwing in for free two bonuses

Fast Action Bonus #1

Designed to grab attention and keep all those new visitors from clicking away my Google Review Streaming service is normally $97 per year. Yours free with this offer.

Every review invites your visitor to click on it and then displays a call to action. (Try it and see for yourself!)

It establishes your credibility, shows social proof of your awesomeness, and builds trust.

Fast Action Bonus #2

As visit numbers swell with real website traffic you'll want to turn them from readers to buyers!

So I'll create a banner ad in 12 different sizes you can place anywhere on your page that promotes the offer of your choice.

The license I'll give you allows you to use them all over your website and in display ads too. This service is normally $297, free for FAQ Traffic Magnet Done For You service buyers.

Triple Guarantee

1) If we can't find a page to enhance 2) If you don't like the questions and answers I provide 3) Even if you don't like the way we work together… tell me within 30 days and of course, I'll refund all your money.

And you get to keep everything including the bonuses!

FAQ Traffic Magnet Done For You

I'm looking for more case studies so for a limited time I'll throw in the Schema Google Loves for FREE on the condition we can feature your success in my marketing. Does that feel fair?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying website traffic a good idea?
Absolutely not, unless you want to get your site slapped and ghosted from the search engine results.

What is real web traffic?
Web traffic is defined as the amount of visitors and visits a website receives. Typically, the more visitors and visits a site receives, the more popular and more valuable the site will be—more visits, in theory, yield more conversions.

How do you measure traffic on a website?
Google Analytics is considered the best free tool available in the search tool market, and it can be used for tracking website traffic. The Google Analytics code is put on the website to run, and that's all.

Real Website Traffic
Real Website Traffic