The New Low-Ticket Phone Sales Revolution That’s Doubling Average Order Value

Steal a profit-boosting idea from another industry


This is for you if you have a free or low-ticket front-end offer like a book, audit, or whatnot that doesn’t cover the acquisition cost.

It works if you’re on your own. And it can scale to the moon when you outsource or build an in-house team.

Recipe below…

When your average order value is lower than your cost of acquisition growth relies on savings, borrowings, or sale of equity: Because you don’t have the cash to spend on ads.

This is about what to do if you want to make your ads work and grow your business

  • without spending your savings
  • without mortgaging your future
  • without selling your future
Double average order value with low ticket phone sales!

Even if you’re making a small amount, you’re in danger of letting competitors with a higher average order value outspend you on ads to grab all your rightful prospects. Watch out! That results in a downward spiral of fewer sales leading to fewer clicks leading to fewer sales.

Some people run out of money before their ads become profitable and decide ads don’t work because their business is different. (The copy writing mechanism helps too) But there is a new way to double your average order value and make your ads immediately profitable.

(Your backend sales don’t help with this because of the time lag.)

If you haven’t already the first step is to add bumps and upsells to raise the average order value. They are pretty much mandatory in any market where more than a handful of competitors use this tactic.

Here’s where we can steal what works from another niche. Supplements is a super-competitive niche. So competitive they have discovered a new tactic – Low Ticket Outbound Calls To New Customers To Double Average Order Value.

When we talk about low-ticket we’re talking $10-$200 for the first sale and $50-$2000 for the phone sale. (So not so shabby)

This works well because a phone sale is much easier than a sale in print. And remember, you’re calling a super hot audience of people who have just paid you money. It is a sales call. But the frame is an expert/coach approach delivering value.

You also want to call the “card declined” people to fix any mistake they made in the card details, offer them another payment method, or a payment plan.

And it’s not just about the numbers – you get to talk with your customers and establish a real connection. This is where calling the “cart abandons” comes in: You may make a sale but you’ll certainly get awesome feedback to improve your offer.


When you want more money to spend on ads to make more money to spend on ads to throw off cash on autopilot to live the life you want… this is the recipe.

Before you start:

  1. Add a phone number field to your sales form and an alert to tell you to call
  2. Create a high-price but good discount offer bundle compared to the standard prices – related to what they have just bought and other problems your customers face.
  3. Create a walkdown of functionality/price, a payment plan or additional free bonuses for signing now to close people i. (Probably not more discount)

The call:

  1. Get on the phone! Perfection is within 5 minutes of the sale. 10 minutes: Awesome. After an hour you’ll be losing out. Frame as an expert coaching call. “I’m coach Matt with Small Biz Marketing and I’m here to help you get started.”
  2. Diagnose: Ask about the problem they want rid of. Their why. Their why now. Why you. Related problems.
  3. Prescribe: Gently agitate and pitch your bundle.
  4. State normal online price and price for today’s bundle because they’re a new customer, which will help with the other problems they’ve just told you about.
  5. As required walk down the price, offer the payment plan, or add the bonuses until you get a deal or reach the end without a deal.
  6. Offer non-buyers something of value. If you’re crafty, this is your lead magnet(s) for other products/services.
  7. Close in 15 minutes or move on.

This tactic comes from Aria Boushehri. The voucher built into this affiliate link will get you free access (normally it's $99) to:

  • the explainer video with all the nuances for success
  • sales call script template so you can close more sales
  • transcript for those who want to read
  • audio for those who prefer to listen
  • the presentation built for the video
  • 5-step process to build a sales team when you’re ready to scale
  • action guide so you know exactly how to do this

With these, you’ll be able to implement this in your business.

Yours, Matt Tarrant.

P.S. When your watch the video the case study starts at 26 minutes 31 seconds and shows a business that goes from just over breakeven to $2.4MM positive a year.

P.P.S The sales script template starts at 36:38.