The new way to attract chiropractic patients

Without Creating Icky Energy, Remorse, Or Skepticism

New, Just Out, Cutting-Edge

You’ve almost certainly never heard of what I’m about to disclose. That’s unless you’ve read my book on it, seen my videos, or heard about it from another DC.

It’s the brand new way for chiropractors to reach out with love in their hearts. Reach out to people in pain. Heart to heart. To get people to trust you enough to let you into their lives. To allow you to heal them.

(It could also be healing for you to connect with people this way. Align your business brain with your carer's soul.)

You, by nature and nurture, through eight years of DC training, by transforming patients’ lives, are perfectly placed to attract new patients without creating icky energy, remorse, or skepticism.

Especially now that there’s a new way that’s aligned with your heart.

Would that feel good?

More Than More Patients

It’s about more than bringing in a flood of new patients for healing. It’s about giving people belief. Especially when they have been through other treatments and are still crying out for your help.

So that they arrive in your office, not with skepticism, but with hope in their hearts. Making them perhaps the easiest and most rewarding patients ever.

More patients to help and grow your practice with. More patients primed to spread the word about you even before you transform their lives.

So ultimately it’s your name that comes up whenever people gather and chat about their health.

Isn’t that awesome?

Proof Or Better

Around about now you might want some proof this really works. And you’d be right to want it. But this is so new!

So I’m looking for a handful of chiropractors who don’t want to pay me a single cent until they have new patients in their office.

I’ll explain why this is not for everyone shortly. But for now, know that there is no money in this for me until after you get new patients.

Does that sound fair?

Better Than The Herd

If you need more patients to keep everyone (including you) happy and busy today… and confident as you face the future… then your current website and listings and social and ads and what-not… cannot be working well enough.

And the real problem is likely that your marketing looks much like everyone else’s. When you could be better than 99.99%.

And that’s not your fault. It's just like you don’t notice you’re living with air all around until it blows a gale. In the same way, everyone else’s marketing is all around. And with rare exceptions, it’s all petty much the same-old same-old.

And that’s why people notice your marketing like they notice the air around them. Not so much.

Let's blow a hurricane. Let's make people notice you. The breakthrough you seek to fill your practice is the new way of attracting patients that you’re about to find out about.

Let me explain…

How Did We Get Here?

A DC told me how she referred a patient to a medic because that was what her examination indicated. The right thing to do. Only for the less than gracious medic to advise the referred patient to steer clear of chiropractors!

As for those other less than gracious people who harp on about double-blind this and that. Do they doubt the effectiveness of heart transplants because of their lack of randomized controlled trials?

What matters is not the bigots, neither inside medicine nor without. For they will never become your patients.

What matters are those who will accept your help. For them, even now you hold in your head such stories of hope and transformation that, when told in the right way, show the true power of chiropractic to heal.

What I’m about to reveal won’t just pull patients away from other chiropractors but will build up the whole profession. You’ll be saving the people you can treat most effectively from the clutches of surgeons, medics, big pharma, and physical therapists of all stripes.

Wouldn’t that be just plain awesome?


I’m looking for a handful of practices to beta-test this new system. To give me my own stories of hope and transformation. Stories about helping your office. Stories that I can tell to other DCs to help them decide this is for them too.

As a beta testing Founder Member, you won’t pay me anything until after you get new patients, and you’ll get the Best Ever Price I’ll offer.

The first few to grab this opportunity will get Exclusive Area Access to the zip codes around your office(s), instantly freezing out everyone else.

So that’s No Obligation, No-Result-No-Fee, Best Ever Price, and Exclusive Area Access.

Do you like the way that sounds?

Trust, Apple Pie And Ice Cream

I want to bring up trust even though you won’t pay anything until you see a result. Because I’m holding something more precious than your money in my hands.

I’m holding your hope. Hope that I can bring more patients to you and all that may lead to which only you can imagine. For some, it's enough to serve their patients, while others dream of impact, legacy, community, relationships, and freedom of expression.

The Lesson For Life

Many years ago when I was 16 I traveled from the suburbs to the big city with all the money I’d saved from my part-time job to buy Christmas presents.

I stumbled into an exciting event, an unbelievable opportunity. Boxes filled with an incredible assortment of goods, almost given away.

People were snapping them up before they sold out. Reader, I exchanged almost all my Christmas present money for a box.

And you can probably guess that when I got home I found it was full of junk. I felt wronged. Angry. And stupid. So very, very, stupid.

But looking back I see this was a lucky break! Because for very little money I learned the life-long lesson of treating others better than you want to be treated yourself.

We've all been disappointed. Perhaps many times. So, while this is all so new I can’t promise you a result, I do promise to do my utmost for you. I promise to enter into this with you only if it feels right. I promise to hold your trust gently.

Is this making sense?

Why Most Marketing Is Bland Or Sleazy

When I started marketing, well I wasn’t very good at it. I sort of modeled what I saw around me. Just like pretty much everyone does.

That's why most marketing you see is either so bland people don’t notice it, or so puffed up with outrageous claims it feels sleazy.

I started bland but that didn’t work well. So I moved toward puffed up and it started to feel a little sleazy. That’s not for me. It was a dilemma.

Every DC I know is repelled from the puffed-up sleazy end of marketing too. But still: Bland is no good. So I searched for a solution.

And I found this guy called Dane Maxwell who has this Heart Centered secret sauce. I decided to mix it with a little Hyper Local secret source.

Like butter and popcorn, apple pie and ice cream, it's a match made in heaven!

Then I decided to go all-in on Chiropractors because you’re perfect for this unique secret sauce combination of art and science, of heart and business.

Now here comes the good part…

The Power Of Stories

This is how Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition works: With your heart at the center.

Instead of blandness or puffery, we start with Stories Of Hope And Transformation.

We start here because telling these stories to the person who needs you connects deeply with them. It draws them towards you. It’s like caressing their wounded soul.

These stories are of course both anonymized and told in the voice of the patient.

Like the best Disney films, we tell stories so that the person needing your help identifies in their heart with your character. They feel the hopes of your patient as their own. And feel, as if it were them, the transformation of their life.

When you have caressed their soul and they’ve felt in their heart the hope and possibility of transformation, who else can they call?

Am I right?

Get In Front Of People

So we have the perfectly powerful non-bland yet no-puffery message. Now we have to get this message in front of people.

Your stories deserve the latest technique. Hyper-Local Marketing. This starts with identifying closely with our prospects. What else? This time by building a page for each of the 20, 30, 40, or more hyper-local communities around you.

These are communities that have a few hundred or thousand people in them and we're there, talking right with them. We are meeting them where they live.

We anoint these pages with the latest, powerful, and unique hyper-local and service-led JSON-Schema. This little-known technique almost forces search engines to show your stories of hope and transformation to everyone looking for help in these hyper-local communities.

Your stories reach into peoples’ hearts and now we’re meeting them where they live. Do you think that will build a powerful connection with you?

And we keep Ready-To-Go Ad Campaigns because sometimes the search engines are fickle and demand tribute. These are to kick-start the flow of new patients. To deploy or scale back as needed. To adjust the flow of new patients to match your needs.

And I'll be adding in my Review Remarketing system (that you can take advantage of to boost your social presence for free).

Wrapped all around this, is a Faithful Follow-Up system to get new patients to attend their appointments, get them coming back time after time, even to get them to send more people to you.

How To Take Advantage

The Art

Very often when professionals talk and write, we lapse into “professional speak.” This is perfect when you’re talking to another doctor. Less so when attempting to attract a new patient.

So while you might think that the core of Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition is the Hyper-Local pages, the Backup Ad Campaigns, the Faithfull Follow Up, it’s none of these.

The core is your heart and your stories and translating them from professional doctor speak to everyday patient speak.

But that’s not all. They also need to be polished so they tell a story that’s as easy for a person to immerse themself in as a blockbuster Disney film. So that they feel the full forces of the hope and transformation you offer. So they become your patient.

That is the art. Next comes the science…

The Science

The science of putting your stories to work. Of building Hyper Local pages. Using the latest in Schema Design. Testing ads for best response. Using psychology to get people to book an appointment with you.

And using the best tools to follow up, get them back time after time, and bring their friends along too in a flood of new patients.

As a Founder Member, all this is done for you with no setup fee payable, and with zero effort on your part.

Now my aim for you (don’t forget this is No-Results-No-Fee because it’s a beta-test) is a fairly conservative 10 new patients a month.

If you’re still with me, you may well own an above-average chiropractic practice owner.

Perhaps patient yearly values of $2,500 to $5,000 are within your grasp. At that value, at the rate of 10 patients a month, Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition brings in $300,000 to $600,000 per year.

But let’s be much more conservative. To a below-average practice with a first-year patient value of just $500, that’s worth an extra $5,000 per month.

That’s $60,000 per year for a chiropractor who hasn't got his business act together!

Let’s look at it just in terms of the value of the new patients. $5,000 a month is the conservative aim. A return on investment of 2 to 1 is not unreasonable.

I mean, if I offered to pay you a $20 bill for every $10 bill you had, you'd be running round all day getting hold of those ten spots.

So I’m thinking I’ll charge regular members $2,500 per month…

When I have the proof and my own stories to tell.

Be A Founder Member

But that’s a bit rich for someone who’s helping me out by being a beta tester. So Founder Members are going to get a better deal. The best deal I’ll ever offer. A deal that will be yours as long as you remain a member.

Because you’re joining me on this journey for the beta test, I will offer your Founder Member status once you have gotten 5 new patients and all the money that brings along.  The fee will be $997 per month per location plus ad spend.

See how those 5 new patients upfront pay for over 2 months' use of the system, even for chiropractors who haven't got their business act together?

Patients delivered before you pay me a cent. No obligation. You can stop any time you want. So you might think you can’t lose. How does that sound?

Wait, maybe it’s hard work? Well, not so much for you. The stories are already in your head. I’ll help turn them into blockbuster patient attraction stories of hope and transformation. Everything else is done for you.

One Small Step

Now it’s time for a decision. The way I see it you have three options.

Option #1: Do Nothing

Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now. If you already have enough new patients coming in and you have no plans to grow there’s no need to do anything until something changes.

But if you do want to grow or insulate yourself from change, that leaves you with two other options…

Option #2: Do it yourself.

And I know, if you’ve read to here you have to possess a pretty savvy business brain as well as a heart. I don’t doubt that with practice you really could translate your patients’ stories from DC speak to patient speak. You learn or find someone to build your hyper-local pages just so. To learn how to run ads for chiropractors. To build a Faithful Follow Up System. To make a Reputation Remarketing system. You really could spend so many hours in front of a computer you'll need someone to crack your back or pay thousands up-front to have this done for you. That's before you see even one cent back.

Option #3: Let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Or you could let me help you with the Stories Of Hope And Transformation for maximum attraction…

Let me build the whole Hyper Local Heart Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system…

Done for you, started up, and bringing in new patients.

Including the Hyper-Local pages with all the unique behind-the-scenes stuff you need nowadays to be seen. The Faithful Follow Up system. The Reputation Remarketing stack.

All this done-for-you so you can focus on what you love. All this before you pay me a cent.

What Do You Need To Get Going?

  • A story of a patient's hope and transformation to attract new patients
  • An offer we can make to people who need your help
  • $200 up front to run ads with the Backup Ad Campaign*
  • Help me tell the story of your business hope and transformation to other DCs
  • The list of ZIP codes you want exclusivity in for each office you have
  • A willingness** to pay $997 per month per office after you've gotten results

(*My hope is no ongoing ad spend is required to make this worth your while. But we're beta-testing and I won't make a promise I can't keep. If it's not worth your while, you simply don't pay any more!)

(**There is no obligation on you to start or continue paying if you don't want to use the Hyper Local Heart Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system. Neither do you have to use it for all your offices.)

What’s Going to Be Easier for You?

They say there are two types of people in this world…

Those who only dream about achieving their goals without ever taking any action to make it happen…

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want to scale their business and have a life beyond. A life of impact, legacy, and freedom of expression.

But we both know very few actually make it happen. It’s a natural law. The classic tale of the willful and the wishful.

Most people will keep dreaming…

While the few who are actually serious about their future will take action. Since you’ve still with me, I think you’re one of the few special ones

One of the five chiropractors I’m looking for. If I’m right and you’re still with me…

Or if I haven't explained this well and you have more questions (because it's a big step working with someone new)…

Take The Next Small Step

Register your interest, reserve your Exclusive Area Access, with no risk and no obligation

Yours, Matt Tarrant

(I'd love to talk to you soon, but if this doesn't feel right for you don't give it a moment's more thought.)

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Marketing Companies: What To Look For?

Well, I'm biased! But perhaps look for someone who understands that you are part of a caring profession with a loooong training period so you are someone who by nature and nurture feels deeply for your patients. And yet you are in business, with staff to feed. No less than you and your family. And you may have bigger ambitions: To make an impact, to freely express yourself, more.

No, forget all that. Just look for someone who will listen to you.

Digital Marketing For Chiropractors: What's A DCs Advantage?

OK, so you have a local business. Like a roofer? Not exactly. Sure, if you need a new roof then it's good to get one. But not life-changing. But you, you're different. Chiro Marketing is… different. You really can give people hope and transform their lives. Which, if you accept the challenge to connect heart-to-heart, gives you a huge advantage over people who can't (like our roofer example) or who won't (like the 99% of other caring professionals who are missing out).

This can be a game-changer that lets you stand out from not just other chiropractors, but from all other health providers and reach the people crying out for your healing powers.

Isn't This The Same Old Chiropractic Lead Generation?

If you think this (and you've got to here!) then I haven't done my job and I don't deserve your business and I apologize. In fact, get in touch and I'll find some way to make it up to you.

Chiro Marketing: You Said It Was Free So Why Do You Ask for $200?

You've got me. I did say I wouldn't take any money before you saw five new patients. So every cent of this goes to Google in ads directly for your business. There are two reasons I ask. The first is that it speeds everything up – I want you to see results in days, not weeks. The second is I'd like you to have a bit of skin in the game. Even this small amount (if $200 in ad spend is not a small amount we might not be right for each other…) will make success hugely more likely.

Got Another Question About Chiropractor Marketing?

There are a couple of buttons just below. Hit me up with one of them, I'd love to listen to your thoughts.

P.S. if you skipped to the end…

What you're getting: Hyper Local Heart Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition with:

  • Stories of Hope And Transformation powefully told to caress peoples' souls
  • Hyper Local Pages with Unique JSON-Schema to attract your audience
  • Stand By Local Ads to controll the flow of new patients
  • Exclusive Area Access to your zip codes, instantly freezing out competitors
  • Faithfull Follow Up and Review Remarketing to make the most of every contact
  • Limited access to the No Obligation, No-Result-No-Fee, Best Ever Price Founders' Membership