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In your face: Right Now Press Releases are All The Rage so Should I Release News To CBS, FOX and NBC?

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Some people ask: “When should I release news to the press?” And I have  a resource to help you with that, because it’s more often than people think.

Have you ever done something good in your business and tried to tell the world? Maybe on social media, your website, even paying for ads?

And the response was… nothing. Like a frog jumping into a pond, but without even the ripples, not a trace. I love that quote from the film Alien: “In space no-one can hear you scream.” Does marketing feel like that some days?

A press release is kind of like content marketing. Which is all the rage right now because it attracts prospects like bees to honey!

And for that reason Google loves a press release and rewards you by showing your business off to more of your prospects!

Because a press release done right is perfect content – 650-850 words focused on your company.

If all it did was get you in front of people so you made more sales, wouldn’t that be awesome?

The added benefit is that it's published by high-authority and high-trust websites. With a combined audience of over 100,000,000 US residents.

The people who read about you on these sites trust them, and the warm glow of this trust reflects onto you. Some of their authority rubs of on you too.

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You become the trusted authority figure in your industry. And we kinda know that trusted authority figures make more sales, more easily.

And you get the sort of power link Google loves, back to your site or channel or Google business page. So Google’s going to show you to even more people – even people who don’t see the press release.

And on your property you can put the names and logos of the media outlets. Those “as mentioned on NBC/CBS/FOX… “  messages you see. So everyone who lands on your page associates you with the authority and trust of these famous brands.

Some say that even one press release has almost magical effects. Reaching out to people. Showing your message. Pulling them back to your properties. Boosting your rankings. Building your trust and authority. What do you think all that will do for sales?

And like any content marketing strategy, the more you put out, the more people you'll reach, and the more people you reach, the more you’ll sell. And it's great for Reputation Marketing too.

So then the question is: “What counts as news so I can crank out press releases?” It turns out almost anything can be framed as news. It’s more about how it’s written.

Here is the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tEo3QQ5wDAPvhJUo64Ui3w4ibOwYhhezVQPjQTdUy8A/edit?usp=sharing

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